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CBS News

During the early years of television, CBS overshadowed NBC and ABC in rating due in part to their news division. In the 1950s, the face of CBS news was Edward Murrow. Murrow made a name for himself as CBS radio European news correspondent during World War II.  His popularity from radio followed him as he made the transition to television. When Murrow left CBS Walter Cronkite succeeded Murrow as the face of CBS news. Cronkite would continue in this role until the end of 1981 when Dan Rather took over his position. While these news anchors were the most prominent in CBS news, they were assisted by several other news correspondents and anchors. Some of the other news correspondents featured in the Quad Collection include Eric Sevareid, Harry Reasoner, Paul Niven, David Schoenbrun, Mike Wallace, and Ned Calmer. These correspondents along with the producers and other staff members in CBS News Division were one of the main sources of news to Americans. The News Division produced both regular news shows as well as news specials, and breaking news bulletins.

CBS News: People of S.Vietnam, How They Feel About The War<br />
 People of South Vietnam, How They Feel About The War
CBS News Special Report- Vietnam Perspective, I Corps<br />
Vietnam Perspective General Walt's Report the Marines in I Corp
CBS News Presents: The Search For Ulysses<br />
The Search For Ulysses
CBS News-Winston Churchill Obituary<br />
Winston Churchill Obituary
CBS News-Science Questions, Vietnam<br />
Science Questions
CBS News-Gemini 11 Coverage<br />
Gemini 11 Coverage
CBS News-Eric Sevareid segments<br />
Eric Sevareid segments
The Mayor Tree, Harry Reasoner multiple V/O takes<br />
The Mayor Tree