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On the Level

"On the Level" is designed to help young people understand what is happening to them as they grow up and to encourage their active participation in the hard work of adolescence-reaching maturity through social and personal growth. The twelve programs dramatize common teenage concerns like love, stress, conflict. and changing re­lationships with family and friends. The problem situations stimulate reflection and discussion about alternative courses of action for different individuals: the many approaches to problems. the many solutions. Programs objectify personal ex­periences and feelings so that you and your stu­dents can analyze and discuss them with no threats to individual privacy. Programs show the interactions of different aspects of the self-emotional, physical. intellectual, social. Look especially for the physical health implica­tions that have been built into each of the pro­grams. For example, Brad has an upset stomach. sweaty palms, and shortness of breath because of stress at work, school and home. David's preoccu­pation with his feelings result in a threat to his per­sonal safety.