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The western hemisphere became a critical strategic area for the United States throughout World War II. Fearing the provision of necessary raw materials for war and increasing sympathy towards Axis powers by the countries of South and Central America, President Roosevelt collaborated with Nelson Rockefeller to form the Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (OCIAA). The department was tasked with educational, economic, cultural, and medical missions in the western hemisphere to meet America's wartime objectives. An essential part of the OCIAA approach centered on the use and censorship of film, particularly in educating and creating curated cultural representations. Continue through this exhibit to learn more about the U.S. Good Neighbor Policy, the role of film in the OCIAA efforts, and the lasting impacts of this policy on the region. To see our collection of OCIAA sponsored films, click here.

Map of South America


Curated by Sarah Bull and Joshua Koepke