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Washington Report

Washington Report was a weekly news show that aired at 12:30pm on Sunday afternoon and was produced by the CBS Washington D.C. bureau. Originally, the show was hosted by David Schoenbrun but when he left CBS in 1963 a wide range of news correspondents filled Schoenbrun's position. Some of the regular news correspondents on the show include Roger Mudd, Pierre Sallinger, May Craig, Merriman Smith, Allen Dulles, Howard Bell, Clark Mollenoff, Paul Niven, Robert Pierpont, George Herman, and Marvin Kalb. The show was produced by Bob Allison and directed by Robert Comifiord. The show focuses on the major news story of the week and would occasionally feature small news stories or focus on a feature topic. A common complaint from critics was that the 12:30pm time slot conflicted with church service and made it inconvenient for viewers to watch the show.