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Pete and Gladys

In an effort to fill the sitcom void caused by the end of I Love Lucy, Parke Levy created a spin off of his popular 1950s sitcom December Bride. In December Bride Pete Porter was a recurring side character who was critical of his scatterbrain wife Gladys (who never appeared on screen).  The character of Pete Porter was positively received and Levy decided to create a sitcom around the couple. The show, Pete and Gladys, focuses on Pete Porter and his turbulent relationship with his wife Gladys. In a typical episode Gladys tries to help her husband but often makes the situation worse. Pete then comes in to either put up with the situation Gladys had created or to help resolve it. The show aired on Monday at 8pm from 1960 to 1962. The show’s cancellation was caused by the return of Lucille Ball to television in her new series The Lucy Show which overshadowed Pete and Gladys.