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About the Project

The War of 1812 in the Collections of the Lilly Library is a collaborative effort of the Indiana University Bloomington Libraries, involving the Lilly Library, the Indiana University Digital Library Program, and the Indiana University Libraries Technical Services Department. The site provides description of the events leading up to the declaration of war, the war itself, and on through the after effects of the war. It does this through a combination of short essays and primary source material relating to various aspects of the war.

Materials available in the site include monographs (mainly books and broadsides), prints, sheet music, maps, and several collections of manuscripts. Each of these types of material is published through a service specifically suited to its format and collected together in the web site, which is built using the Omeka platform. You will notice as you click on images in the site that you will be sent out to these services, and that functionality will vary from service to service. Following is a list of services used to publish content in the War of 1812 project web site:

As the name of the site indicates, all content found in this site - books, prints, manuscript collections, and other materials - is located in the Lilly Library, 1200 East Seventh Street, Bloomington, IN, on the Indiana University Bloomington campus. Please contact the Lilly Library with questions about these materials and information about viewing materials in person. Many of the materials in the project will be featured in an exhibition in the Main Gallery of the Lilly Library in the fall of 2012.

The Lilly Library cataloged most of the printed items and manuscript collections, however the Technical Services Department contributed greatly by creating the finding aid for the War of 1812 mss., the largest single collection to be included in the project with over 5,000 individual items. Technical Services also provided subject analysis for the prints and created records for the maps.

The Digital Library Program digitized most of the collection items in the Digital Media and Imaging Center located in Wells Library, however the most fragile and rare materials were digitized by staff located in the Lilly Library.

Project Staff:

  • Erika Dowell, co-Director, Lilly Library
  • Dot Porter, co-Director, Digital Library Program
  • Julie Hardesty, Digital Library Program
  • Laura Pence, Pencel Design
  • William Cowan, Digital Library Program
  • Hui Zhang, Digital Library Program
  • Randall Floyd, Digital Library Program
  • Kara Alexander, Digital Library Program
  • Annette Smith, Digital Library Program
  • Jennifer Liss, Technical Services Department
  • Laila Salibi-Cripe, Technical Services Department

The project staff wishes to thank many others who contributed to this project: Zach Downey, Carly Sentieri, Danielle Emerling, Colleen Talty, Shelly Couvrette, Heiko Muhr, Chanitra Bishop, Annie Bolotin, Dorothy Waugh, Phil Evans, Elizabeth Johnson.