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A short from the "Problems of Supervision" series of educational films released in 1944 to aid in the increasing of factory efficiency through the solving of interpersonal problems that reduce the rate of production. In this film, a line supervisor…

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Filmed principally on the campus of Indiana University, this film depicts the activities of various organizations and classes as they contribute to the war effort. Shows IU President Herman B. Wells meeting with deans and administrators to make…

Explores the role of women in the war effort. Shows British women caring for evacuee children, working in the land army, as ambulance drivers and auto mechanics, in defense factories, ferrying planes for the R.A.F., and operating rest centers.

Illustrates seemingly minor suggestions and improvements that individuals in various types of workplaces have made to increase production and salvage materials during wartime. This film shows how even just one small adjustment can increase savings…

Presents a recent history of the war savings program from its inception in July 1941 to January, 1943, with special emphasis on the activities of retail stores and the payroll savings plan. Buiyng war bonds is described as another front on the war.

"How the fighting forces and the people of our Allied nations and the starving families of the conquered countries are depending more and more on the United States for their vital food supply. How each person can do his part to relieve this food…

Presents the training of civilians for rescue work during World War II. Shows the procedures for assigning volunteers to the type of work for which they are prepared and training them to perform as a unit. Follows a squad from the sounding of the…

A training film addressed to members of the civilian defense corps to teach communities to prepare their homes for air raid blackouts. Introduced with the statement "these are the things you must learn to teach." "This film is an illustrated…

This film explains what war gas is, how it is used by the enemy, and how simple household items, such as bicarbonate of soda and bleaching solution, may be used to prevent casualties. It is explained that gas may not destroy cities the same way bombs…

A fictional story illustrates the civil defense block plan, showing how neighbors can share and work together to extend resources to support the war effort.
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