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The second film in Frank Capra’s "Why We Fight" series. Documents the relentless advance of Germany's military machine, as Hitler's armies attack with blitzkrieg tactics and spread through the Rhineland, Austria, Czechoslovakia, and Poland. …

Explores the role of women in the war effort. Shows British women caring for evacuee children, working in the land army, as ambulance drivers and auto mechanics, in defense factories, ferrying planes for the R.A.F., and operating rest centers.

The Children See it Thru was a British production made as a fundraising appeal to American audiences to help clothe and educate English children affected by the Blitz. The film depicts the hardships of life during wartime for children including…

Mr. Proudfoot Shows a Light is a short fiction film from the United Kingdom from 1941, commissioned by the Ministry of Information, and directed by Herbert Mason. This short film was intended for English civilians to illustrate the importance of…

This fictional short shows a "goofer"--a person who emerges from shelter during an air raid to judge the performance of fighter pilots--kept a Canadian pilot from downing a German plane over England. Ends with a plea to the audience to leave fighting…
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