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Supervising Women Workers

About this item

Description A short from the "Problems of Supervision" series of educational films released in 1944 to aid in the increasing of factory efficiency through the solving of interpersonal problems that reduce the rate of production. In this film, a line supervisor discusses the challenges of supervising the new wartime workforce of women with his foreman. According to the film, these problems arise out of women not being familiar with technology and technical language. Solutions to these challenges include a training regime that breaks down factory labor into easy to understand steps, use plain language, define technical terms, and to use tools appropriate for gender. Women are presented as being good at repetitive labor requiring a high degree of manual dexterity. Male factory managers are warned not to get romantically involved with any women workers and are given techniques to deal with the highly emotional nature of women workers. According to the film, "A foreman will always have the eternal feminine to contend with."
Creator U.S. Office of Education
Date 1944
Date Issued 1944
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 10:21
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.


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