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Uses the experiences of three different American cities to examine "how democracy is doing in the midst of war." Shows how workers in each of the cities solved wartime living problems in 1944: a dock worker in Norfolk, Virginia moved his family to an…

Illustrates seemingly minor suggestions and improvements that individuals in various types of workplaces have made to increase production and salvage materials during wartime. This film shows how even just one small adjustment can increase savings…

Donald Nelson, head of the War Production Board, discusses the need for every American man, woman, and child to save and salvage metals, fats, and rubber. Nelson argues that the total way being waged against the Axis nations demands all Americans…

"Includes a report from Britain showing the RAF and the 8th Air Force on a hedgehopping bomber flight over France and Germany, and the 5th Air Force report from New Guinea." ("News and Notes," Educational Screen, June, 1944, 266.)

This newsreel covers six subjects. “The Raiders of Timor”: recounts how Australian troops were forced to hide in the mountains on the island of Timor when the Japanese military conquered the island. The Australians conducted asymmetrical warfare…

This newsreel includes six short subjects. "A Plywood Bomber" shows the mosquito bomber which was made from wood made by the DeHavilland plant in Ottowa. Wood was used to make up for the lack of metal for production. Shows a test run of the Mosquito.…

A fictional story illustrates the civil defense block plan, showing how neighbors can share and work together to extend resources to support the war effort.

This film uses diagrams to illustrate the importance of salvaging common everyday items in an effort to reuse important raw materials for building ships. The film asserts that one day's salvage by the whole British people counteracts the loss of one…
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