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An interview with Robert Moses who is best known for leading several building projects in New York.

This episode of CBS Reports presents the development of the Polaris nuclear missile submarine.

The news story covers the upcoming 1963 National Wheat Referendum. The referendum determined whether the government should have more or less control over agriculture pricing. The show presents both sides of farmers for and against the referendum. The…

This CBS Reports covers the labor disputes between railroad executives and union leaders. The dispute occurred when the executive accused the labor union of supporting featherbedding policies in the railroad industry. The show also covers President…

An uneducated Italian peasant known as Tonio the mule is distrustful of the new government of the recently unified Italy. Tonio gets in trouble with the government when he ignores the new law requiring all children to go to school and prohibits his…

John and Julie want to see the coronation of Elizabeth II in London. After being denied permission to see it in person the two children set off on their own and travel to London. Along their journey they avoid the authorities sent by their parents…
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