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U.S. Navy training film intended to instruct managers how to maintain workplace discipline effectively. Dramatic scenarios contrast ineffective managerial styles with better approaches. Stresses the importance of disciplining a worker properly and…

Shows how Pennsylvania Dutch communities of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania solved farming problems caused by wartime shortages and demand for increased food production. Emphasizes that the population is largely of German ancestry. Extra physical…

Film News Journal.pdf
Clippings from this issue of Film News Journal include L.C. Larson's article "The Formation of the Educational Film Library Association."Original digitized by I.U. Libraries Online can be found here.

use of edu film libraries in dist of war films.pdf
Original document digitized by I.U. Archives Online can be found here.

Proposed Plan for an Educational Film Library Association.pdf
Director of I.U. Bureau of Visual Aids L.C. Larson's proposal for an "association which can serve [non-profit film lending libraries] in coordinating the production, distribution, and utilization of 16mm. films suitable for assembly and forum use by…

A Plan for the Use of the Resources of Non-Profit Educational Film Lending Libraries.pdf
L.C. Larson, Director of the I.U. Bureau of Audio-Visual Aids, served as chairman of the Educational Film Lending Library Committee. The Committee's plan called for "full utilization of the resources of all non-profit educational film lending…

May1945 Supplement to BAVA catalog.pdf
Identified as the May, 1945 supplement to the October, 1943 catalog of 16mm film distributed by the I.U. Bureau of Audio-Visual Aids. U.S. Government Deposited films listed on pages 10-16. Original digitized by I.U. Archives Online here.

An advertisement from The Educational Screen Magazine promoting "The Gardens of Victory" wartime film. See the issue here.

Deals with Britain's treatment of mental health in wartime. Shows a specialized hospital for military and civilian patients and gives a picture of its organization and operation, including diagnostic and therapeutic methods, occupational therapy,…

IU Goes To War.PNG
Filmed principally on the campus of Indiana University, this film depicts the activities of various organizations and classes as they contribute to the war effort. Shows IU President Herman B. Wells meeting with deans and administrators to make…
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