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Farmer At War

About this item

Description Shows how Pennsylvania Dutch communities of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania solved farming problems caused by wartime shortages and demand for increased food production. Emphasizes that the population is largely of German ancestry. Extra physical effort and cooperative farming compensate for shortages of manpower and machinery. Shows farmers doing farm chores, such as milking, feeding, and picking corn without the labor of young men gone to war. A cooperative meets and discusses cooperative sharing of scarce farm machinery after church. Contains scenes of farm life in the homes of several farmers. Profile of farmer Moses Zimmerman shows how increased production is being achieved with less farm labor and how families are adopting to food rationing.
Creator Office of War Information, Bureau of Motion Pictures
The War Activities Committee of the Motion Picture Industry
Contributor Moses Zimmerman : interviewee
Harry Schaeffer : interviewee
Format 16mm release print
Date Issued 1943
Temporal Coverage 1943 March 11
Spatial Coverage Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, U.S.
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.