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Discipline: Giving Orders

About this item

Description U.S. Navy training film intended to instruct managers how to maintain workplace discipline effectively. Dramatic scenarios contrast ineffective managerial styles with better approaches. Stresses the importance of disciplining a worker properly and giving orders clearly. Shows the results obtained in an office where emphasis is placed on gaining the workers' confidence. Narration states that "we are engaged in a war in which time is a weapon." Women clerical workers are shown gossiping until their boss enters the room, as the narrator points out that "hours are wasted in every day of the year" in many workplaces. The solution is to maintain discipline, and "a good supervisor steers a course between harshness and leniency."
Creator United States Navy, Division of Personnel Supervision and Management : produced for
United States Navy Bureau of Aeronautics : produced by
Atlas Educational Film Company
Date Issued 1943
Duration 00:13:49
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.