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Film News Journal.pdf
Clippings from this issue of Film News Journal include L.C. Larson's article "The Formation of the Educational Film Library Association."Original digitized by I.U. Libraries Online can be found here.

use of edu film libraries in dist of war films.pdf
Original document digitized by I.U. Archives Online can be found here.

Presents a recent history of the war savings program from its inception in July 1941 to January, 1943, with special emphasis on the activities of retail stores and the payroll savings plan. Buiyng war bonds is described as another front on the war.

States "food is a weapon of war," showing that women must learn to use the less desirable cuts of beef during wartime rationing. "A wartime film showing conservation needs and food planning in regard to wisely chosen cuts of meat. Various cooking…

Shows how Pennsylvania Dutch communities of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania solved farming problems caused by wartime shortages and demand for increased food production. Emphasizes that the population is largely of German ancestry. Extra physical…

This 1943 film by documentarian Paul Rotha uses found footage and animated diagrams to discuss the production, distribution, and consumption of food; the prewar problems of overproduction and the anomaly of glutted markets and hungry people; the…

"A sound film in color [though this version is in black and white] made by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Company dealing with the resistance of glass to bullets and other projectiles fired from different distances." (Harrisburg Telegraph, July 21, 1943,…

Deals with Britain's treatment of mental health in wartime. Shows a specialized hospital for military and civilian patients and gives a picture of its organization and operation, including diagnostic and therapeutic methods, occupational therapy,…

An advertisement from The Educational Screen Magazine promoting "The Gardens of Victory" wartime film. See the issue here.

This Canadian film details the events of Operation Husky, the invasion of Sicily which lasted from July 10 - August 17, 1943. Highlighting the actions of the First Division of the Canadian Army, this film documents the lives of the men preparing for…
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