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Canada Carries On: The Battle of Brains

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Description Stating that "from the start of the war Canada has realized the importance of mechanization" the film emphasizes the role of Canadian scientists and the National Research Council in developing superior precision weapons for modern mechanized warfare. "Illustrates the difference between this war and that of 1914. Importance of mechanization and mobile tactics. Part of scientific research in developing new weapons and methods." (War Films Bulletin of the Extension Division Indiana University, February, 1943, 20)
Creator National Film Board of Canada
Contributor Stanley Hawes: Production; J.B. Scott: Photography; Milton Shifman: Editing; Godfrey Ridout: Music; T.C. Daly: Research; W.H. Lane: sound; C.J. Quick: sound; Columbia Pictures of Canada Ltd.: distributed by
Date Issued 1941
Original Format 16mm
Duration 12:23
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin Canada
Geographic Coverage Canada
Temporal Coverage 1941