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Pig Projects Make Profits

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Description Addressed to members of 4-H or FFA clubs interested in learning to raise pigs, stating that "thousands of boys and girls choose swine for their livestock project work." Provides instruction and guidance for every aspect of the project, from purcahsing, showing at the county fair, to reaping profits in the fall. "[P]oints covered include: buying a bred gilt; McLean County sanitation system; importance of accurate records; equipment needed; feeding methods; value of clean pasture; disease prevention; showing at the fair; and the value of pig project work. Suggested for agricultural classes and for 4-H club activities" (University of Michigan Bureau of Visual Education Extension Service, Instructional Motion Pictures (1940-1941) p. 8). Suggests that the profitability of such projects will help young people start their own farms, showing a young farm couple tending hogs while narration states "if a little boy blesses their home you bet ten to one that he too will get the chance to have the valuable experience of pig project work, just like dad."
Creator Duroc Record Association
Frank Oberkoetter Studios
Contributor John B. Beckeet : technical director
C.E. Bundy : field consultant
Guy LePetit : narrator
A.W. Streitmatter : photography
Date Issued 1940
Spatial Coverage Peoria, IL, U.S.
Iowa Falls, IA, U.S.
Duration 00:13:26
Color/Black & White Color
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.