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Film Communique: Eleventh Issue

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Addressed to "the men and women of American Industry," the Film Communique series reports on military accomplishments to an audience of domestic workers producing materials for war. Comprised of four short segments:
Has Anybody Seen Kelly? Reports on the return of decorated war hero Chuck Kelly to his home in Pittsburgh. Follows Chuck around his neighborhood, visiting with old acquaintances and giving his account of the war, narration concludes "two years of war changed Kelly, two years of war changed Pittsburgh."

Task Force 58 tells of the secret naval task force sent to attack Saipan. Combat footage of the naval fleet attacked by Japanese fighter planes states that 428 enemy planes were shot down in a single day.

Treasure Hunt depicts salvage operations going on behind front lines in Italy, showing the reclamation of any material that can be restored or reused, the repairing of uniforms and equipment.

Quiet Cities shows the bombed cities of Normandy, France, quiet after fighting has ended - then returning to combat footage of the battles at the same sites, using gun sight camera footage and images of captured and surrendering German soldiers.

Creator The Signal Corps : produced by
Combat film units of Marines, Army Airforces, United States Navy
Date Issued 1944
Spatial Coverage Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands
Pittsburgh, PA, U.S.
Normandy, France
Duration 00:21:26
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.