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U.S. News Review: Issue No. 2

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Description Newsreel consisting of five short subjects.
"Survey Finds Much Travel Unnecessary": narration states "You can help win the war by staying home," explaining that civilian travel contributes to delays and overburdening of rail and bus lines essential to the war effort, and can delay soldiers on leave attempting to visit home. Discusses a Government conducted survey's findings that much civilian travel is unnecessary.
"Mobile Laundry for Front Line Troops": reports on the mobile laundry set up behind the front lines, using "electronic washers," a centrifugal "moisture extractor" and "heated tumblers" to wash the clothes of 7,500 soldiers a week. "Alcan Highway Finished-New Link With Alaska": reports on the completion of the Alaskan highway. Shows the strategic importance of Alaska in the Pacific theater, Alaska's wealth of natural resources. Discusses the Japanese bombing of Dutch Harbor, the first attack on the North American continent. "Damien Parer, Australian Cameraman Reports Jungle Warfare": reports on fighting in New Guinea; the use of camouflage, reliance on supplies dropped from airplanes in remote locations, and the support of natives to carry wounded soldiers. "The Marines' Hymn" Montage of scenes of the U.S. Marines in action, including dramatization of historic naval battles, accompanies a rendition of the Marines' Hymn. "Unnecessary travel, mobile laundry for front line troops, Alcan Highway, jungle fighting and marines' hymn." (War Films Bulletin of the Extension Division Indiana University, February, 1943, 6.)
Creator U.S. Office of War Information Bureau of Motion Pictures
Contributor Damien Parer: cameraman
Date Issued 1942
Original Format 16mm print
Duration 18:51
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.
Geographic Coverage Alaska; Yukon Territory; British Columbia; Kokoda, New Guinea