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Men of Fire

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Description American audiences are shown the need for workers in the physically demanding metal forging and casting jobs, using scenes of combat from the invasion of France. The fictional American tank driver "Bill" is killed in combat in Normandy. His spirit returns to the factory where he used to work and, finding that many of his former associates have left for higher paying, easier jobs. Bill's spirit dissuades a forge worker from leaving his job by describing the need for castings in the war effort. Bill's spirit insists very single foundry in America and every single foundry worker counts. It's up to you. You can bring us victory."
Creator Army Pictorial Service : produced by
Combat film units of Signal Corps, Marines, Army Airforces, United States Navy
Date Issued 1944
Temporal Coverage 1944 June 5
Spatial Coverage Rucqueville, France
Carentan, France
Montebourg, France
Duration 00:17:58
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.