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Film Communique: Eighth Issue

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Addressed to "the men and women of American Industry," the Film Communique series reports on military accomplishments to an audience of domestic workers producing materials for war. Composed of five short segments:

Cape Gloucester Jan 18 1944 Title card reads "1st Marine Division. Photo by Lt. R.S. Carter 7th Marines - leaving front - 23 day & nites in same clothes - fighting Japs - U.S.M.C." candid footage of battle-weary marines presented without commentary.

R.A.F. and 8th Air Force Report From Britain An aerial photographer follows daring French pilots of the R.A.F., flying at low altitude to evade radar detection, attacking a Nazi target in American-built A-20 bombers.

A 5th Air Force Report From New Guinea shows the ingenuity of ground crew men in repairing battle-damaged planes at an air depot in New Guinea. A Few Quick Facts animated sequence shows the distance a rifle bullet must travel before it reaches the Pacific battle lines to be fired at an enemy soldier.

A Fifth Army Report From The Beachhead shows the surprise invasion at Anzio, Italy, commentary describes "one of the boldest and toughest combined operations fought by the Fifth Army on the blood-soaked Italian boot." [see standalone short:]

Creator War Department
The Signal Corps : produced by
Combat film units of Marines, Army Airforces, United States Navy
Date Issued 1944
Temporal Coverage 1944 January 18
1944 January 22
Spatial Coverage Anzio, Italy
Naples, Italy
Cape Gloucester, New Britain, Papua New Guinea
Duration 00:20:34
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.