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Film Communique: Tenth Issue

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Addressed to "the men and women of American Industry," the Film Communique series reports on military accomplishments to an audience of domestic workers producing materials for war. Comprised of four short segments: Bingo depicts the coordination of several artillery units using radio communication to simultaneously fire on a German target.

Forty Five Minutes For Lunch shows U.S. B-26 bombers from English airfields flying daytime raids over France.

A Few Quick Facts short, informative animations about the battleship Iowa and the superiority of the American soldier.

Battle of Hill 700 reports on the fight against Japanese Army's 6th Division for control of Bougainville Island in the Spring of 1944. Provides background on the 6th division's role in Japan's 1938 invasion of China. Extensive combat footage of the prolonged battle, the defeat of the Japanese, and the soldier's impromptu Christian worship service in the jungle battlefield.[Contains scenes of graphic violence and mutilated bodies]

Creator Army Pictorial Services Signal Corps
Date Issued 1944
Spatial Coverage Bougainville Island, Pupua New Guinea

Duration 00:19:53
Color/Black & White B&W
Sound/Silent Sound
Nation of Origin U.S.