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The measure of man

6 episodes, 1957, KQED (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"Dr. John W. Dodds, Professor of English and a distinguished author, takes careful aim and levels a barrage of studious inquiry at the human race, its ideas, ideals, and idols. He looks into such matters as loyalty, dignity, and the sense of tragedy. Qualified though he is to philosophize on the frailties and merit of humanity, as a scholar, he still turns often and intelligently to the writings of others. With his vast knowledge of literature, acquired through more than thirty years as a teacher of English, he is able to find selections from classical and current writings that succinctly draw together the clearest thinking on the varied aspects of taking a “measure of man.” Dr. Dodds – a master of dramatic reading – reads many literary selections aloud. His reading range from the facetious humor of Thurber to the powerful drama of Euripides. It is his hope that through these readings and discussions, he will lead the viewer into further debate, introspection, and reading on the subjects which measure man. The series was produced for the Center by KQED, San Francisco. The producer was EG Valens; assistant producer, Herbert D. Seiter; set designer, Tom Borden; and camera work by Joe Dieves. “The Measure of Man” was filmed at WA Palmer Films, Inc."