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Sing Hi, Sing Lo

104 episodes, 1958-1959, KQED (San Francisco)

From WNET:

"'Sing Hi – Sing Lo' presents for youngsters the folklore of America through folk dances and folk song. Each program concentrates on one subject; some of the programs include appropriate film clips to better illustrate the material. The folk songs (sing by Bash Kennett who accompanies herself on her guitar) are tied in with the narration; while many of the songs are familiar to the children of America, some of them are lesser known and are truly descriptive of times past. A group of young dancers performs some of the songs. Through “Sing Hi – Sing Lo,” children will learn about people, events and customs which are a part of American history. They will better know their own country and understand the purposes, traditions and activities of their land. The series was produced by KQED, San Francisco, with Kay Rawlings as producer."