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Description In this 30-minute Saturday special, Mr. Deetle Dootle has been kidnapped by The Snowbird and taken to the North Pole. Rootie, Big Todd, and Gala Poochie Pup must work together to get him back. The middle segment is the Gala Poochie Pup Quiz, where audience members are asked trivia questions with the chance of earning a special prize if they get it right. The episode's sponsor is Powerhouse Candy Bar and Big Todd mentions that the show's mailing address is ABC studios, indicating the show has changed stations by the time this episode was created.
Subject The Rootie Kazootie Club, Children's Television
Producer Produced by Steve Carlin
Associate Producer Joseph L. Stuhl
Director Directed by Dave Davidson
Technical Director Jack Flynn
Contributor Chief Rooter "Big" Todd Russell
Lilliputians designed by Paul Ashley
"Characterooties" played byNaomi Lewis, Frank Milano, John Vee, Paul Ashley
Musical Director Milton Kaye
Production Supervised by Arnold Cohan
Written by Steve Carlin
Duration 00:30:04
Color/Black & White Black & White
Sound/Silent Sound
Film Stock 16mm