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From Capitol Hill: party government and the United States Congress

8 episodes, 1958, WYES (New Orleans)

From WNET:

"The purpose of this series is to examine and explain the purposes, processes, and problems of Congress; to analyze the formal and informal power structure in Congress; to investigate the role of political parties in the legislative process; and to investigate the effects of Congress on the character, organization, success, and failures of political parties. Advocates of party reform frequently ignore or misinterpret the direct relationship between the character of American parties and the character and composition of Congress. It is the purpose of this series to examine this relationship and determine why it exists, as well as to assess suggested reforms. Attention also will be accorded, where appropriate, to the roles and responsibility of the citizen in party affairs, and to the place of pressure groups in the political and legislative process, with the aim of presenting a complete, balanced description of the political process in Congress."