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George S. McGovern

George S. McGovern
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Paul Pundit, Peter Pollster, and Eric Expert


It Vanished Quite Slowly...


How Can You Electioneer This close to the Polling Booth?


Can I Count on Your Support - Four More Years?


Jules Feiffer parodied the myriad issues that flooded the 1972 election (47A-1067156). The major issue was, again, the Viet Nam war, and here Nixon is criticized for his supposed plans for peace (47B-106715747C-1067158). This cartoon from the Daily Worldattacks Nixon for the promise of peace in Viet Nam that he made before his election in 1968 and did not fulfill (47D-1067159). Andrews, the cartoonist, lets Nixon's own words tell the story, using a motif almost identical to one used in a cartoon depicting Zachary Taylor in 1848.????

McGovern had difficulty getting his campaign beyond the choice of a vice president (47E-106716047E2-1067174). His choice of Thomas Eagleton was rescinded after it was discovered that he had a record of psychiatric treatment. McGovern finally settled on Sergeant Shriver (47F-1067161). But Democratic backing for their ticket was hardly enthusiastic, especially from Chicago Mayor Daley (47G-106716247H-1067163). In addition, McGovern was criticized for his supposed naivete and idealism (47I-1067164). Gary Trudeau uses the now-familiar technique of caricaturing the candidate's supporters to get across the same idea (47J-106716547K-1067166).

On the other hand, Nixon was already embroiled in insinuations of dirty dealings in the government and more allegations of monarchism (47L-106716747M-106716847N1-106716947N2-106717047P-1067171). The cover-up of the crimes committed by high-ranking members of the Committee for the Re-election of the President, "CREEP," was so effective however, that they had little effect on the election. Here is one cartoonist's view of the "packaging job" done to Nixon by John Mitchell, his campaign manager (47Q-1067175). Nixon was also accused of prostituting the ideals of democracy for big business(47R-1067172). But in the final count, the voters turned down McGovern's indeterminacy and re-elected Richard Nixon by the greatest majority in history, only to demand, two years later, his resignation because of the illegal campaign activities carried on with his knowledge by "CREEP."

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