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Presidential Campaigns: A Cartoon History, 1789-1976

This digital exhibition was originally created on the IU Libraries website in 2008 using digitized slide images in the DIDO: Digital Images Delivered Online service, which was retired in 2017. The exhibition was migrated to this site from 2017-2019 as a collaborative effort by: Michelle Dalmau, Nicholas Wyant, Naz Pantaloni, Andrew Utterback, and Amy Doster. This Omeka theme was developed by William G. Cowan and further customized by Nick Homenda. Images in this exhibition can now be found on Image Collections Online.

This is the original site's description:

This slide collection and guide was originally compiled in 1976 for the Bicentennial of the United States. At that time we made eight sets of slides, one for each of the IU campuses. In order to preserve and make the slides more readily available to students and faculty of Indiana University, it was necessary to scan and include them in DIDO: Digital Images Delivered Online. The images in the DIDO database have been made available to the students, faculty, and staff of Indiana University for use in research, teaching and private study with an IU network ID and password. We have also revised and enhanced the guide and made it available as an online tool. In addition to providing background information about each slide and election year, this online guide allows you to look at the thumbnails of each slide as well as going to the full image in the DIDO database. You can look at the cartoons for any year by going to the Elections by Year in the navigation menu. You can go forward to the next election or back to the previous election by using the arrows at the bottom of the webpage or the elections by year. You can also look at the slides by going directly to DIDO database and using the database separately. This project was done as a collaborative project between the Henry R. Hope School of Fine Arts Visual Resources Collection and the Subject Specialist for Political Science. I would like to thank Eileen Fry, the Fine Arts Image Librarian, Nicole Beatty, Image Collection Cataloger and their staff at the Visual Resources Collection. I would also like to thank Misty Walter, the Senior Collections Reference Assistant of the Subject and Area Studies Council, and her Library Assistant, Gina Schmidt, for revising and enhancing the guide as well as designing and creating the website.

Laurel Grunat, Mitchel Grunat, and Robert Goehlert

Indiana University Libraries Bloomington, Indiana, 1976, revised 2008