Wendell Willkie
Franklin D. Roosevelt
Wendell Willkie

Wendell Willkie, 1941
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No Decrepit Old Nag Can Throw Me


L'Etat C'Est Moi


In 1940, to the issues of New Deal policies and impending war was added the third-term question. Franklin Roosevelt did not allow that "decrepit old nag" to throw him and was re-nominated, despite charges of monarchism (39A-106710639B-1067107). The Democrats claimed that "national emergency" required his third term, though some Democrats, turning thumbs down on a third term, bolted to Wendell Willkie, the Republican candidate (39C-106710839D-1067109). 

As far as the question of New Deal policies went, there was little Willkie could say. His awkward position is caricatured here (39E-106711039F-1067111). 

The candidates' positions on the European conflict were similar. Both pledged all possible support, short of entrance into the war, to countries fighting for liberty. This cartoon sums up the situation (39G-1067112)

Although Roosevelt did little electioneering until late in the campaign, the Democrats were not pulled under by the "strong Willkie current," and FDR's victory was sound(39H-1067113).

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