Lyndon B. Johnson
Lyndon B. Johnson
Barry M. Goldwater

Lyndon B. Johnson, by Yoichi Okamoto
(public domain)
Why Can't There Be...


Is He Leaning on It or Holding it Up?


Having ascended to the Presidency at the assassination of John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson was nominated to run against the Republican candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964. Goldwater's arch-conservatism was the focus of this Feiffer cartoon (45A-1067139). He ran on a platform emphasizing the need for a dynamic anti-Communist strategy and the need for a new morality in the White House and the nation. He refused to denounce the John Birch Society, which prompted this cartoon (45B-1067140). His endorsement of an amendment to allow religious exercises in public places prompted this caricature (45C-1067141). Although he supported the Civil Rights Act of 1964, he maintained that the elimination of discrimination was "a matter of heart, conscience and education." (45D-1067142). Many saw Goldwater as trigger-happy on the nuclear armament question (45E-1067143). His nomination caused a split in the party between his supporters and Republicans who felt he was too conservative (45F-1067144)

Barry with the Ten Commandments


Lyndon Johnson was seen from the first to have a definite advantage; he campaigned on a platform primarily of domestic improvements in many areas (45G-1067145). As early as the spring of 1964, cartoonists were predicting an elephant barbeque (45H-1067146). The campaign was dirty, with thousands of propagandistic pamphlets published, but the early predictions were right; it was "LBJ all the way." (45I-1067147)

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