Thomas Jefferson 2
Thomas Jefferson
Charles C. Pinckney
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Thomas Jefferson, by C.W. Peale, 1791 (public domain)
Jefferson as Matador encouraging his dogs (members of Congress) fighting a Bull (Spain)


Thomas Jefferson's purchase of Louisiana in 1803 as well as his popular program of rigid economy and simplicity in government gave the Federalists very little to campaign about in 1804. Jefferson won an easy victory, but his administration was not immune from attack. In this cartoon he is shown as a matador encouraging his dogs, which depict members of Congress, fighting a bull representing Spain. This cartoon alludes to his attempt to win from Spain a strip of territory to the west of present-day Florida. The bull cries, "Come on, I am ready for you; Spanish mongrels, puppies, Curs, and all the yelping Crew." Jefferson encourages his dogs, "Seize him my dogs, catch him Ceasar,--push him Jacky, nose him Joe, at him Peter, &c. &c. &c." (5B-1066493)

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At the end of his administration, this double portrait of Jefferson and Washington was drawn to attack Jefferson's character by comparing him unfavorably to the revered Washington (5A-1066492). This is a technique to be employed for the same purpose in later years, for example, in the campaign of 1896.