Before the Senate

Handwritten Notes from the 1972 Republican National Convention

Richard Lugar's handwritten notes from the 1972 Republican National Convention.

Lugar served as a delegate to the 1972 Republican National Convention in Miami Beach, and he delivered one of the keynote addresses. He also served on the National Security and Foreign Policy subcommittee of the Temporary Committee on Resolutions (Platform). Here, he has jotted down some notes about, among other things, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and foreign trade.

"Lugar" Promotional Fan

Audra Bailey, Lugar Fan for the Lugar Fan Club, 1972.

The Richard G. Lugar Fan Club Donation Receipt

Donation receipt No. 1 for the Richard G. Lugar Fan Club, 1972.

Early in his career, Lugar had already garnered strong support among his constituents. Indianapolis schoolteacher Audra Bailey felt so strongly about Lugar as mayor and his potential on the national stage that she founded the Richard Lugar Fan Club and designed the Lugar fan. Because of her work in the Indianapolis schools, Bailey had known Lugar when he was on the School Board. She said, “This club is a grass roots movement growing out of high regard for Mayor Lugar’s leadership—a very dynamic leadership.” 10,000 fans were ordered for the 1972 Republican National Convention.