The website “Indiana’s Visionary Statesman: The Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers” explores the life and career of Senator Richard G. Lugar. It was designed as a companion piece to a physical exhibition titled “Indiana’s Visionary Statesman: The Richard G. Lugar Senate Papers.” The physical exhibition was curated by Sara Stefani, Project Archivist for the Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers, and it is being hosted at the Lilly Library on the campus of Indiana University, Bloomington. The exhibition will run at the Lilly from March 25 to July 26, 2019 and is located inside the Main Gallery exhibition space. It comprises sixteen table cases and two wall cases with physical materials. There are also two computer monitors that display additional digital items that are related to the exhibition’s themes. A Moroccan robe displayed next to one of the wall cases is also part of the exhibition.

The digital exhibition features many of the same items that are on display at the Lilly. However, not all items on display at the Lilly are featured on this website due to copyright restrictions and/or privacy concerns. Additionally, some items are featured on this website that are not or cannot be displayed in the physical exhibition due to either space restrictions or format requirements. Certain items, notably pamphlets and multi-page documents, can be viewed in their entirety online, whereas only a cover can be displayed in the Lilly Library exhibition.

Box26 _With_Sister_and_Brother_Musical_Instruments_v2.jpg

All items featured in both the Lilly Library exhibition and this digital exhibition are taken from the Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers, which is part of the Modern Political Papers Collection at Indiana University. Modern Political Papers is part of the Indiana University Libraries and is under the Indiana University Archives.

For more information about Senator Richard G. Lugar, the Lilly Library exhibition, and Modern Political Papers, please see the other pages in this “About” section.

If you have questions or comments about the exhibition or the collection, or if you would like to contact the curator, please contact Sara Stefani at samastef@indiana.edu or contact the Indiana University Archives at archives@indiana.edu.


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