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The National Stage


This exhibit features Richard Lugar's transition from the local to the national, from Mayor of Indianapolis to United States Senator. It examines early national recognition he received while still mayor, his election to the Senate, and his record-breaking Senate campaigns. Lugar was also considered several times as a serious candidate for Vice President and ran for President in 1995-1996.

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Early Life - Family and Education


Explores Richard Lugar's early, formative years. In particular, this exhibit focuses on his childhood, his education at Shortridge High School and Denison University, as well as his marriage and children.

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Senate Foreign Relations Committee

Senator Lugar served on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee for 34 years, from 1979 until his retirement in 2013. He was chair twice, from 1985 to 1987 and again from 2003 to 2007.

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Mayor of Indianapolis


Explores Richard Lugar's tenure as mayor of the City of Indianapolis. Lugar served two terms as mayor. He was first elected in 1967 and again in 1971. In 1975, he decided not to seek a third term so that he could run for a seat in the United States Senate. 

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Movies and Clips


This exhibit showcases selected audio and audiovisual clips from the Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers collection.

Use the links to the right to navigate through the pages in this exhibit, starting with Home Movies. As you browse through the exhibit, you will see early home movies, campaign spots, and other audio and video clips, as well as read about a special discovery made by Alicia Hickman at the IU Libraries Moving Image Archive (IULMIA) while she was processing films from this collection.

The clips presented here provide a revealing glimpse into Richard Lugar’s life and career. From his childhood years growing up in Indianapolis, Indiana; to the innovation that he and his brother Tom brought to their family business; to a number of successful campaigns for the United States Senate (and a 1996 campaign in which he ran for President of the United States), as well as the meaningful connections that he continually fostered.

The movies and clips in this exhibit represent only a fraction of the over 3,500 audiovisual records contained in the Richard G. Lugar Senatorial Papers collection. Other items in the collection include recordings of Senator Lugar’s appearances on radio and television shows, as well as recordings of his public appearances and speeches, footage of his visits to nuclear weapons facilities as part of his work on the Nunn-Lugar Act, and many other audio and video documents.

Many of these audiovisual records have been digitized through the Media Digitization Preservation Initiative (MDPI) at Indiana University. Digitized copies of audiovisual materials from the collection will be made available in the Media Collections Online digital repository as they are processed.

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