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Photo: Juan Orrego-Salas, Roberto García Morillo, Alberto Ginastera, Camargo Guarnieri.

Juan Orrego-Salas with fellow composers Roberto García Morillo, Alberto Ginastera, and Camargo Guarnieri.

The impact of the relationships Orrego-Salas enjoyed with his family, students, other composers, and musicians is visible throughout his compositions and life. It can be found in his dedications and comments at the end of his works, as well as in correspondence, in dedications to him from students and colleagues, and photographs showing his connections with fellow composers, musicians, and loved ones.

Photo: Aaron Copland signed portrait

Aaron Copland signed this portrait of himself with a dedication that reads, “For Juan Orrego colleague and friend – Aaron Copland – April ’46.”

Letter: Aaron Copland to Juan Orrego-Salas

In December of 1960, when Orrego-Salas was still in Santiago, Chile, he received this letter from Copland, which reflects the interest that both composers took in the other’s music.

Score: Variations for a Quiet Man, op. 79 (1980) by Juan Orrego-Salas

Orrego-Salas dedicated his Variations for a Quiet Man, op. 79 to Aaron Copland on the occasion of Copland’s 80th birthday.

After meeting at Tanglewood, Aaron Copland and Juan Orrego-Salas maintained a relationship that can be seen in letters, dedications, and photographs over the decades. This includes Orrego-Salas's dedication of Variations for a Quiet Man to Copland. To Orrego-Salas, Copland dedicated the song, “Dear March, come in!” from his song cycle Twelve Poems of Emily Dickinson

Photo: Estevez, Bernstein, Orbon, Buenaventura, Ginastera, Foss, Tosar, Orrego-Salas, Fine at Tanglewood

Orrego-Salas at the Tanglewood Music Festival with other musicians and composers. Front row (left to right): Argentinian pianist, Estevez, Bernstein, Orbón, Buenaventura, Ginastera. Back row (left to right): Foss, Tosar, Orrego-Salas, Irving Fine.