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Selected table of contents 1.Introduction and Background 2.Analysis of Credit Schemes Benefiting Women Farmers 3.Credit Schemes in Various Countries 3.1 Kenya 3.1.1 Types of credit available 3.1.2 Government credit schemes 3.1.3...

Small booklet explaining Zambia's tax system.



Includes: 1. "Monitoring of Voting, the Count & Result Totaling for 2011 Tripartite Elections." - A one page pamphlet listing 13 points about the election....

Discusses the political, economic and social outlook of the country.


Pamphlet to aid Christian Groups to learn more about what the Church teaches about human trafficking.

One to three pages pamphlets that give key facts about the economics of poor sanitation is in specific African countries. Countries included are: Malawi,...

Pamphlet explaining spousal abuse and what the Victim Support Unit does.


Undetermined language (Kaonde?). Lusaka, Zambia: Scorpion Publications.


Caritas Zambia Folder 76


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