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No. 1/March 2000; No. 2/May 2001; No. 3/August 2001

This paper was presented as "An Anthropological Test of Caldwell's Wealth Flows Theory in Maragoli, Kenya" during a July 4, 1991 Faculty Seminar to...


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Selected table of contents 1.Introduction and Background 2.Analysis of Credit Schemes Benefiting Women Farmers 3.Credit Schemes in Various Countries 3.1 Kenya 3.1.1 Types of credit available 3.1.2 Government credit schemes 3.1.3...

Organised by the African Regional Agricultural Credit Association in cooperation with FAO and the Ford Foundation. 89 pages, photocopy.

Paper presented as part of panel on "Post-Structural Adjustment and Food Security in Africa: Policy, Theory, and Cross-Disciplinary Evidence" at the Annual Meeting of...

Analysis of March 2013 General Election including voter turnout, voters' register and recommendations to the IEBC.

One to three pages pamphlets that give key facts about the economics of poor sanitation is in specific African countries. Countries included are: Malawi,...

Recommendations on sharing of revenue raised by the national government between the national government and county governments and among county governments for the fiscal...

Booklet outlining procedure and policy, produced with Save the Children Sweeden.


A young people's publication summarizing the discussions of the Political Caf


Children's book about their rights as outlined on the ACRWC, produced with Save the Children Sweeden.


Information for possible investors about investment opportunities in Kenya of a varying nature, part of Kenya Vision 2030.


A summary of the report of the commision of inquiry into post election violence, 2008.


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