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Anti-Apartheid Poster Collection

The Anti-Apartheid Poster Collection includes posters created by the African National Congress (ANC) and other non-governmental organizations and entities. The posters were created between the mid-1970s and the mid-1990s and cover various aspects of the resistance to the South African system of racial segregation known as apartheid.

The anti-apartheid posters are a subset of the much larger collection of posters from and about Africa held by the IU Libraries.Posters can be consulted in the African Studies Collection office in the Herman B Wells Library, Room E660. Instructors should contact the librarian about using posters in their instruction.

Apartheid is a Monster.


On white backgound, colored drawing of a monster in a green, yellow and red backgound; Title in yellow and red with balck border and black.…

Release Mandela.


white background; text in black; picture of Nelson Mandela in high contrast; price pencilled in front top right corner

Nelson Mandela is Free But We Cannot Vote. End Apartheid Vote for the People.


Black background on the left and white on the right; text white on the left and black on the right; black and white picture of Nelson Mandela in the…

You Cannot Extinguish the Intense Flame of Life. Fight Apartheid.


White background; Shapes in yellow orange and red representing flames surrounding the African continent in black Quotation by Steve Biko on the bottom…

Fight South African Racism.


Backgound: white; 3 color print of downward clenched fists crushing the words in the lower part of the image; the top part of the print has the word…

Breaks the Links U.S. - Apartheid


Drawing of a creaming face breaking chain links; 2 chain links function as the dash between U.S. and Apartheid in the title;

Apartheid: How Much Longer?


Backgound white; colored drawing signed M. Garcia of a man with a raised fist with a chain crossing the image. Title is part of the drawing. Quotation…

Apartheid Dehumanizes.


Backgound: white; Title in red over b&w image of segregationists signs and items. Quotation from A Window on Soweto by Joyce Sikakane in the left…

Stop the Hand of the Apartheid Hangman!


6 b&w photographs of ANC freedom fighters sentenced to death with stylized #6 in the background; backgound colors: black on top and bottom shading…

The Freedom Charter.


Text of the Freedom Charter adopted by the Congress of the People on June 26, 1955; title in black; subtitle in green; title of sections in white on…