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African Pamphlet Collection materials include newspaper articles (e.g., a collection of newspaper articles on southern Sudan from 1966-1972); journal articles; conference and workshop papers (e.g., the edited and collected papers from the "Workshop on Southern Africa", a conference which took place at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, on August 13-16, 1973); and brochures (e.g., Amon Kotei's "Exhibition of Drawings and Paintings," presented by The Ghana Society of Artists, 5-9 Dec. 1960).

The online Index includes approximately 9,000 items. The index is searchable, and most items can be consulted in the African Studies Collection office in the Herman B Wells Library, Room E660. 

101 Facts about the Sudan.

Issued by the Public Relations of the Sudan Government, Khartoum

46 Postcards from South Africa.

Postcards of the Voortrekker Monument (Pretoria).

2005 Biennale.

Folder 9