The Songs

Raymond Wise

Raymond Wise, PhD

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Dr. Raymond Wise, Director of Indiana University's African-American Choral Ensemble, composed musical arrangements for Dr. Abegunde's poems. 

Specifically, Dr. Wise used the art song form, a Western Classical musical tradition in which composers set a poem to music. Using musical word-painting to create visual images and emotional connections, the composer conveys and enlivens the text through music. A set of art songs featuring the poems of a single poet is referred to as a "song cycle."

The four poems arranged into movements comprise a song cycle to tell the story of what Lizzie Breckenridge's life and inviting saw, heard, imagined, and felt.   All music © 2022 Raymond Wise

  Each movement's music sheet is followed by a video performance. The four movements were compiled to form a complete Stargazing Four Song-Cycle Video. Filming took place at Wylie House Museum in April 2023 with vocalists Kathiana Dargenson and Shenika John Jordan.

Stargazing Movement One

Stargazing Movement Two

Stargazing Movement Three

Stargazing Movement Four

The Songs