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The Wylie House invites you to...

Welcome! Find links below and on menu tabs on the left to discover digital exhibits, virtual tours, and information on scheduling research and class visits to Wylie House Museum, Indiana University, Bloomington. 


Andrew Wylie, the first president of Indiana University, built the Wylie House in 1835 and lived there with his wife, Margaret, and their children until his death in 1851. Now a historic house museum administered by Indiana University Libraries, the home is a public heritage site and is furnished as it might have looked when Andrew Wylie and his family lived there in the 1840s. A virtual tour and an AVT Accessible Virtual Tour are both available for remote visiting.


The family of Andrew's younger cousin, Theophilus Wylie, occupied the house from 1859 to 1913. The museum's archival collections include materials related to Wylie family members as well as many who were connected to them, including poet Elizabeth Bishop, IU students Sarah Parke Morrison and Harvey Young, and Elizabeth Breckenridge, an African-American woman who worked for the family.


The museum's student employees and interns display their research, creativity, and skills through virtual exhibits, which allow visitors to learn more about what the Wylie House has to offer. They showcase present-day events and delve into the past by exploring the collections of the Wylie House, Indiana University Archives, and other archives related to the Wylie family.


IU classes from a wide variety of disciplines use the house as an immersive learning space, research its archival collections, and study it and its objects from various perspectives. The Morton C. Bradley, Jr. Education Center, named for the great-grandson of Theophilus Wylie, is a repurposed 19th-century barn which provides space for class meetings on the Wylie House grounds.