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Metal key with three inscriptions: "Seal of the City of Indianapolis," "Mayor's Office Indiana," "Richard G. Lugar"

First and last page of printed version of Senate Bill No. 543, and first two pages of typescript draft version.

Photograph of Richard Lugar shaking hands with a man, both of whom hold framed certificates. Two other men stand on either side of them.

Cover and inside pages of mayor's inaugural ball program. Includes inscriptions from Richard Lugar and L. Keith Bulen.

Richard Lugar's notebook with pages showing his notes about desegregation in schools in urban areas around the nation.

Cover, inside spread, and back spread of the Citizens' School Committee campaign pamphlet for elections to the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners.

Front and back of two "Go Lugar" mayoral campaign postcards. The back of one postcard is addressed to Richard and Charlene Lugar and reminds...

Report from Richard Lugar to Senator Homer E. Capehart outlining the efforts of Thomas L. Green & Company to engage in international trade and...

A list of outstanding proposals for an approximately one-year period with various companies indicated.

Pages from Richard Lugar's appointment book for 1961 with descriptions of his farm and agricultural activities. Also included are images of documents that were...
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