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Letter written to Mayor Lugar at the end of his second mayoral term in 1975, when he decided not to seek re-election for a...

Report from Richard Lugar to Senator Homer E. Capehart outlining the efforts of Thomas L. Green & Company to engage in international trade and...

A list of outstanding proposals for an approximately one-year period with various companies indicated.

Richard Lugar's business card from his time working as Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer for the Lugar family business, Thomas L. Green & Company...

Richard Lugar (left), Tom Lugar (right), and Tom's son Todd Lugar (center) at the Thomas L. Green & Company.

Excerpt from a lacquer disc audio recording of the award ceremony for the presentation of President John Kennedy's "E" Award for Excellence in Exporting...

A Lugar for Senate 1982 campaign spot which features testimonials from employees at the Lugar family business, Thomas L. Green and Company, with whom...

A radio spot from the Lugar for Senate 1976 campaign, describing how Richard Lugar and his brother Tom Lugar worked together to revive their...
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