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Ghana Journalists association & Electoral Commission Republic of Ghana.

Folder includes: Multi-party system in Tanzania: events before and after the elections, 2pp. The role of Elections and Election Observers: Final Statement on the...

1. Voters Guide 2. The voter and elections 3. Guidelines for Election Observers 4. Media Guidelines 5. Guidelines for peace committees

In: Collection of Senegalese presidential election documents, 2007.

One page chart showing the registration statistics of election years 1973-2011 and the type of elections each year was.

Includes: 1. "Monitoring of Voting, the Count & Result Totaling for 2011 Tripartite Elections." - A one page pamphlet listing 13 points about the election....

Political Environment and Situation Critical Assessment, Research and Recommendations Report. In English and Portuguese.

Analysis of March 2013 General Election including voter turnout, voters' register and recommendations to the IEBC.

The Malawi Congress Party. Election poster for Gwanda Chakuamba.

"At the ballot box we are all equal, register to vote 4th-27th October, 2013." Reverse is in Setswana.
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