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Writing by Richard G. Lugar, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, about the process of creating his South African sanctions bills in 1985...

Letter from members of the Norwegian Parliament to the Norwegian Nobel Committee nominating Senators Richard Lugar and Sam Nunn for the Nobel Peace Prize...

Senator Richard Lugar's name tag, which he received when he was an election observer for the 1985 Guatemala elections.

Front cover and table of contents of a markup copy of the SALT II Treaty. Packet contains several dividers marking off the different sections.

Press release discussing Senator Richard Lugar's 1986 South African sanctions bill.

Letter written in 1999 to Senator Lugar from Václav Havel, then-President of the Czech Republic, thanking Senator Lugar for his support in helping the...

Letter from President Ronald Reagan thanking Senator Richard G. Lugar for his participation as an observer to the presidential elections in the Philippines.

Richard Lugar's international drivers license, which he received as a student studying abroad in Europe. Includes images of the wallet that contains the license,...
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