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Cover of Richard G. Lugar's election packet that he received as an observer to the Philippine presidential election.

First page of a presidential campaign speech delivered by Senator Richard G. Lugar in New Hampshire.

Photograph of Richard Lugar giving a speech during his campaign to be U.S. President. Seems to have been delivered in New Hampshire.

Photograph of Richard Lugar outside of a polling station in the Philippines during the presidential elections. He is standing with a crowd of people...

Richard Lugar being sworn in as a Senator in January 1977. Also pictured are his sons, Bob Lugar (left) and Mark Lugar (right), as...

From left to right, Senate Foreign Relations Committee professional staffer William Perry; Senator Richard Lugar; Louise Hoppe, State Department; and Alberto Martinez Piedra, United...

Back of a thank-you card sent out after Senator Lugar's 1988 re-election campaign giving voting statistics.

Cover of printed version of a report submitted to the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations by the Center for Democracy regarding the Philippine election...

Handwritten draft of a speech delivered by Senator Richard G. Lugar in his capacity as an election observer to the 2004 Presidential election in...
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