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Campaign button with the words "Dick Lugar for Vice President" in blue lettering on a yellow background.

Campaign button from Richard Lugar's first campaign for mayor of Indianapolis, Indiana. Lugar served two terms as the city's mayor, from 1968 until his...

Button from Richard Lugar's 1976 Senate campaign. Brown and white lettering and background on a metal body. Pin across the back.

Paper fan made up of several pieces. Can be folded together. Has a long tail with a tassel on the end. Says "Lugar" on...

Front and back of two "Go Lugar" mayoral campaign postcards. The back of one postcard is addressed to Richard and Charlene Lugar and reminds...

Postcard for Mayor Richard Lugar's re-election, addressed to Howard and Bertha Caldwell, Lugar's mother and stepfather. Richard Lugar's handwritten note "First Election Under 'Unigov'"...

A framed reproduction of a newspaper clipping. Shows photographs of Senator Richard Lugar, George H.W. Bush, and Senator Paul Laxalt. Text above the photographs...

Brochure created as part of the materials for Richard G. Lugar's 1974 Senate campaign.

Excerpts from an extended biographical video produced for the Lugar for President campaign in 1996. The video includes biographical information about Richard Lugar's experiences...

Blue bumper sticker with yellow borders and white lettering. Has an adhesive back.
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