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First page of a 1967 campaign text by Richard G. Lugar, Republican candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, entitled "The Next Four Years - Dynamic...

A letter from Alexander E. Jones, President of Butler University, to Richard Lugar. In the letter, dated April 7, 1967, Jones expresses his support...

A letter from Myrtie Barker of The Indianapolis News to Richard Lugar, June 19, 1967. In the letter, written to Lugar in the midst...

Cover of Volume 18, No. 5 of the "Your Schools and You" publication from Indianapolis, Indiana.

A 1964 informational card from the bipartisan, non-political Citizens' School Committee, listing the names of candidates for the Board of School Commissioners. One of...

First page of the minutes of a meeting of the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners, December 2, 1965. The first item of the minutes...

Cover of an informational booklet on Unigov.

Cover of an informational brochure on Unigov for Marion County, Indiana.

Cover of a program for the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow's Leaders, held at the University of Indianapolis.
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