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A newspaper clipping, assembled and with annotations by Senator Richard Lugar on what appears to be the back of a photograph frame. Senator Lugar...

The first page of the schedule for a hearing of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry on the topic "Conservation, Wetlands and...

First page of a 1967 campaign text by Richard G. Lugar, Republican candidate for Mayor of Indianapolis, entitled "The Next Four Years - Dynamic...

"The United States and the People's Republic of China." A report of the sixteenth Congressional delegation to the People's Repbulic of China, of which...

First page of a speech given by Senator Richard Lugar, entitled "U.S. Energy Security - A New Realism," at the Brookings Institution's Leadership Forum...

Cover of an informational brochure on Unigov for Marion County, Indiana.

Cover of an informational booklet on Unigov.

Cover of Volume 18, No. 5 of the "Your Schools and You" publication from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Cover, inside spread, and back spread of the Citizens' School Committee campaign pamphlet for elections to the Indianapolis Board of School Commissioners.

Portions of the year-end report for Senator Richard G. Lugar's Washington, DC, office. Includes a two-page memo outlining the office's correspondence, constituent concerns, accomplishments,...
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