Thus far, the items examined in this exhibit have been presented in a chronology dependent on the Bible's structure. Viewing them in a different order brings new considerations to the forefront. This page presents a new timeline, where all works are arranged by date of premier. With this orientation, it is easier to think about other considerations, such as the evolution of musical style and basic conventions of book production over the years. Please click on the images below to access each item's description.

J. S. Bach
St. Matthew Passion
Premiered 1727

George F. Handel
Israel in Egypt
Premiered 1739

George F. Handel
Premiered 1742

Joseph Haydn
Seven Last Words
Premiered 1786

Joseph Haydn
The Creation
Premiered 1798

Giuseppe Verdi
Premiered 1842

Johannes Brahms
A German Requiem
Premiered 1868

Giuseppe Verdi
Premiered 1874

Gustav Mahler
Resurrection Symphony
Premiered 1895

Richard Strauss
Premiered 1905

Igor Stravinsky
Symphony of Psalms
Premiered 1930

Olivier Messiaen
Quartet for the End of Time
Premiered 1941

Leonard Bernstein
Jeremiah Symphony
Premiered 1942

Arnold Schoenberg
Moses und Aron
Premiered 1957

Krzysztof Penderecki
St. Luke Passion
Premiered 1966

Steve Reich
Premiered 1981